Download the new Twitter competitor Threads Instagram app

Download the new Twitter competitor Threads Instagram app 

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Meta Meta officially launched Threads for both iPhone and Android, an app that comes from Instagram's Twitter competition team, providing users with text updates that others can interact with on Twitter-style, while also relying on the follow-up system, as well as relying on the same Instagram account to create a new account.

Meta said Instagram is where billions of people around the world prefer to communicate through photos and videos and that the new Threads app comes to provide a new creative space to express ideas textually, With the ability to follow and communicate with friends and followers who share the same interests with easy access to the same people that the user follows on Instagram, The app offers the same security and content control options now available through the Instagram app.

How do you use Instagram's Threads app?

The Instagram Threads app provides the user with the same experience as Twitter. After downloading the app, the user can easily create an account by logging into the same account on Instagram, with the possibility of changing the username, profile picture or using the same data from Instagram directly.

Twitter rival Threads then displays a proposed follow-up list of all followers he follows on Instagram, with the possibility to search for followers and explore followers who share the same interests, and Threads then offers the user the choice to have the account available to everyone.

Twitter rival Instagram Threads

Just like Twitter, the user can post text posts (snippets) but up to 500 characters longer, with the possibility of attaching photos, links, videos and GIFs, as well as the possibility of posting a series of posts together as evidenced by the name of the app itself, and others can interact with posts just like Twitter as well, including reposting, liking or replying.

Instagram's Twitter rival Threads allows users to control who can respond to tweets, whether everyone, who follows them only or who mentions them in the post, directly from the options, with an additional option to cancel the sharing like Instagram and Facebook.

How do posts appear to users in the Threads app?

Posts that Instagram calls snippets on its feed or Thamline show users in an algorithm or based on Facebook and Instagram-style algorithms, including shares from followers followed by the user along with recommendations for content from other content makers from people who do not follow them Threads app

However, Instagram does not provide Threads users with an option to only view posts from people they follow. 

What content can be shared through the Threads app?

Users of the Threads app can post text posts or snippets of up to 500 characters (compared to 240 characters in Twitter), with up to 10 photos attached to the single post or videos up to 5 minutes long, as well as support for posting links as well.

What are the content control options in the Threads app?

The Threads app provides the same controls available on Instagram to maintain security and privacy including control of who can indicate to the user in a text post or extract, In addition to those who can reply to excerpts, with the possibility of revoking, prohibiting, restricting or reporting any person in case of tragedy or violation of content dissemination policies, Any account previously blocked on Instagram will also be banned in Threads.

Threads users can also mute Mute or hide snippets (posts) depending on specific words or sentences, through privacy settings in the app.

What are the excerpts in the Threads app?

Instagram calls text posts in the Threads app a snippet and one text post a snippet, similar to a tweet or Twitter post.

Does Threads support messaging?

The first version of the Twitter rival Threads app does not support the private messaging feature, but the company may provide the feature later in an update to the app, with Mark Zuckerberg saying the company plans to enhance the features of the Threads over the coming period.

How do you document your account in Twitter rival Threads app?

Twitter rival Threads relies on Instagram's authentication system, so that Instagram-documented accounts receive the authentication badge in the new app directly once an account is created.

Is Threads app available for iPhone and Android?

Meta confirmed that Twitter rival Threads is now available in more than 100 countries worldwide to all Instagram users, both for iPhone and Android phones.

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