Loss of contact with a submarine with six people on board!

Loss of contact with a submarine with six people on board!

Loss of contact with a submarine with six people on board!

Two days ago, television channels in the West found a more exciting topic than the Russian-Ukrainian war, the news of which became particularly boring in the face of obfuscation and mutual war between the parties to the point of losing the truth!

The new topic relates to the loss of contact with a tourist submarine/capsule, which has six people in its structure, who felt that they would do as much money as $ 250 per person, just to look at the "pomp face" for the remainder of the Titanic steamer that sank in the Atlantic show a hundred years ago!

America, France and Canada share their latest capsule search technology that may be as deep as four kilometres below sea level!

Everyone is in a race against time, with only 24 hours of oxygen left for detainees, ending at midday on Thursday!

A French expert who had already reached the remainder of the sinking ship stated that the prospect of rescue was very low, and gave justification for it.

It is true that any human being has his worth in this world, and his life must be saved from any threat to him. But why is there a different deal with the Mediterranean sinking fleeing their countries' sizes in the south?

Something else I consider important. The disappearance of the marine capsule with its passengers represents an opportunity for some of our "scientists" to use their "flag", and the access they have to gin and spirits, to indicate where technology is looking for it in vain, thereby proving their competence, silencing their critics forever, and making "science" useful to all mankind and not specializing in a particular category without competition.

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