How to sharpen a hedge trimmer

 How to sharpen a hedge trimmer

Keeping the blades on your hedge trimmer sharp is the key to clean, efficient cuts. Over time and with use, the blades will naturally become dull due to debris buildup. However, with a few basic tools and patience, you can easily restore the cutting power of your hedge trimmer.   

You will need

• A flat file with a medium coarseness (80-100 grit). This will be used to remove material from the blade and reshape the cutting edge.

• Medium grit sandpaper (120-150 grit) to smooth the blade edge after filing.  

• Oil or sharpening lubricant to apply to the blades before sharpening. This helps prevent rust and reduces friction.   

• Safety glasses for eye protection while sharpening.   


  1. Inspect the blades for damage. If severely bent or chipped, the blades will need replacing.   
  2. Thoroughly clean the blades to remove any debris.   
  3. Apply a thin coat of oil or lubricant to the blades to prevent rust and reduce friction during filing.
  4. Clamp one blade of the hedge trimmer securely.   
  5. Use long, even strokes to file the blade edge at a 25 degree angle. Check 

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