A cat climbs on the shoulder of an imam during prayer...an amazing reaction from the imam!

 A cat climbs on the shoulder of an imam during prayer...an amazing reaction from the imam!

Two days ago, in a village in the Algerian state of Bordj Bou Arreridj, during the Tarawih prayer that takes place in the month of Ramadan, an amazing thing happened that made all the pioneers of social networking interact with it when a cat crossed the ranks of worshipers. And I advanced to the imam who was in prayer and reciting verses from God's book, the Qur'an.

This cat climbed the imam, trying to climb onto his shoulder, but she almost failed in that had it not been for the imam's intervention and put his hand on her and helped her climb onto his shoulder. The cat stayed for a moment on the imam's shoulder and made movements as it seemed to She wanted to kiss him, and Al-Aman had almost finished reciting the Qur’an, when the cat began to quickly get down and move away so that the imam could complete his prayer. 

This video was documented by the imam on his official page on Facebook, and it spread at lightning speed all over the world, and it received an unparalleled interaction, as more than 2 billion people watched it in just two days.

Most of the reactions regarding this video were thankful to the imam for his good behavior, tact and kindness to the animal, and they admired that he was not disturbed by the cat, even though he was in a moment of reverence and worship In reciting the Qur’an, some focused on the verses that the imam was reciting during the incident, and saw in them that it was a message from heaven 

The video is spread across all media, just type two words, imam and a cat, and a leaderboard of the results will appear. As for this video, tell us your opinion?

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