Pique begs Shakira to return to him

Pique begs Shakira to return to him

New details about Colombian star Shakira's relationship with Spanish footballer Gerard Pique have recently come to public.

Journalist Jordi Martin revealed that Pique begged Shakira to come back together a month after their separation but refused.

The journalist quoted sources close to Shakira that Gerard Pique had decided to terminate his relationship with the singer in April 2022.

He added that Pique, a month after leaving the house, tried to persuade Shakira to forgive him for everything and return the relationship to normal because he regretted separating from her.

Noting that after the failure of Pique's attempt, he then decided to proceed with his relationship with Clara Shea and finally split from Shakira.

Shakira referred to this situation in her new song when she said, "I'm not going back to you, even if you're crying or begging me."

World star Shakira had released her new song, which clearly appeared to be a message to the father of her two children, Gerard Pique.

The song's lyrics include: "I changed the Ferrari for Twingo, I changed the Rolex for Casio."

From its inception, social media packed the song to more than 66 million views in 24 hours.

After topping the song with search engines and social media, Gerard Pique responded to the song in a smart and powerful way.

In the lyrics of Shakira's new song, he said that, Gerard Pique, had replaced Ferrari with a Twingo and had replaced Rolex with a Casio watch.

Pique responded by announcing during his podcast that he had signed an agreement with Casio, the known watch mark.

In the video, the star appeared to put the clock "Casio" on his wrist, referring to it, "This clock lasts for life."

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