Because of the orange color.. A Hindu monk promises Shahrukh Khan

 Because of the orange color.. A Hindu monk promises Shahrukh Khan

 to "burn alive" A Hindu monk named Jagadjuru Paramans made a controversial press statement, during which the famous Indian Muslim actor Shah Rukh Khan threatened to "burn him alive" if he met him.

According to the New Indian Express, which translated the Hindu cleric's statements, his threat to Shah Rukh Khan came after the release of his new film song, featuring an actress wearing a saffron-colored dress in a dancing shot, which the monk deemed an insult to this color symbolizing the Hindu faith.

According to the Indian newspaper; "They insulted the colour of saffron; Such films must be boycotted, Shah Rukh Khan has not done any web series against the Prophet because he does not have the courage, he only insults our faith ".

Baramance added, "He made insulting our faith a means of making money, and when our faith was insulted; A death sentence will be imposed, and I myself will burn Shah Rukh Khan alive if I see him. "

Activists and bloggers on social media platforms expressed their dissatisfaction with the Hindu preacher's remarks, and the Indian writer, Preti Chube, said on her Twitter account: "This person is hypocritical, although the boycott is due; We must boycott all clergy with such a criminal mindset ".

The journalist, Zia Haq, called Paramans' remarks "funny", while appealing to the Indian authorities, saying: "These statements are a flagrant encroachment of the law and this person must be arrested immediately." The monk's threat was not the only comment from the Indian Hindu right, which highlights anger towards Shah Rukh Khan's new film; Madhya Pradesh's Home Minister, Narottam Mishra; He also resented the same shot, speaking to Indian media.

"The costumes in the song at first glance are unacceptable, obviously Pathaan-Pathan's song was filmed with a dirty mentality," Mishra said in a press release.

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